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11 Basic Steps to Design a Business Proposal

A business proposal is a gateway or first appearance to approve the project. A basic business proposal creates a good impression and big courage for the client. So a business proposal plays a vital role in accepting or rejecting the project. Because a standard client expects some professionalism over their business. Based upon client requirements, we have to send proposals and then schedule client meetings to diagnose the problem and provide a better solution. By this client meeting, we have an opportunity to gather information and to understand the problem. After gathering information then we can start a proposal.

Information Gathering

Proposal created based upon client expectations and we can understand correctly. 3 basic details need to create a proposal.  They are

  • Who are you?
  • Knowledge about problem
  • Pricing and methods

Step 1: Title of project

“It appears to be a motherless child with no title.” Your title, which reflects your identity, forms the foundation of your company’s brand. There is a list of things that have to mention initially, they are

  • Our company logo, name, contact information
  • Client company logo, name, contact information
  • Title of the project

Step 2: Brief about your company

Company description tells totally about our side. And we have to mention the team specialization in that. And asks, “Why are we the best?”. Highlight them based upon the client field. And don’t forget to point out the best things besides our competitors.

Step 3: Table of contents

It is nothing like just indexing the overall project work. Have to mention entire headers and subheadings in this field. By seeing the client had a clear view about the work of the entire project.

Step 4: Executive Summary

In this step, we have to mention the overall summary of the proposal. And we have to mention what all the services are going to do.

Step 5: Understanding the client problem

Still, now, we are just giving basic built up about ourselves. Now only we are going to be involved in the client’s requirements. First of all, analyse the clients business deeply. If we understand the problem well means then we can explore our ideas over that to solve the problem.

Step 6: Solution for client problem

After understanding the client’s problem, try to list what all the services are going to do. This helps you to give a good impression and overview to clients. And also clients have a better trust that you will do it in the right way.

Business Proposal

Step 7: Scope of Work

In this step, you will have to mention and give hope to the project. And don’t forget to mention campaign management, reporting etc.

Step 8: Mention Time frame

Time frame is an important factor and it will decide whether to accept or deny the entire project. For example, if we do social media marketing as a project means, you have to mention the retainership of the entire project.

Step 9: Pricing

Mention the pricing based upon every section. So we can segregate the pricing for every section. Due to segregation clients can easily pick what are all services they need. And we have to mention our strategies while giving pricing. So then the only client gets to compromise themselves pricing fully depends upon the quality of work or services.

Step 10: Terms and Conditions

This is a very very important step. You have to mention the terms and conditions to the client. It will help you to maintain a good relationship between yourself and the client. It must contain responsibility of yourself as well as client-side. And mention that if you do more work than as you assigned work then mention you have charge extra amount.

Step 11: Signatures

We have to keep in mind to do certain things. Signatures are used to create a declaration that we are going to accept the project, terms and conditions. And it is like a mutual bond between the client and ourselves. 


Business proposals must be created in a simple language. And also we must use paragraphs, bullets points. So it will help you to structurize the proposal. Try to minimize the designs client have to focus only on the proposal, not on design. Your proposal must create some urgency, and also create an offer for them some specifications have a clear call to action. After completing all these steps, then they have to send the acceptance mail. 

By using these steps, create a professional business proposal and impress the client to get the project and lead your business successfully.

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