Artificial intelligence's (AI) importance in digital marketing

Artificial intelligence’s (AI) importance in digital marketing

  • Digital marketing is one of the fields to get high paid jobs and also work from anywhere and anytime. In simple words, digital marketing means providing sales or popularity through a digital medium. 
  • Artificial intelligence is also known as AI. According to my thought, it is like a simulation of human knowledge or intelligence in machines. It just works like a human brain. 
  • In simple words, this machine has the presence of the mind just perform like a human and it can think, reply and also perform a task. And it all works based upon smart algorithms.
  • Now, we know Digital marketing and AI separately. But we have to how AI is important in this digital marketing field. Because AI  has created many changes in the industry. 
  • AI can create interaction between customer and brand. Many brands like Amazon, Google, Apple, Microsoft, etc are used AI to understand the customer mindset accurately. By this, we can manage or enhance our marketing strategy.
  • In this changing environment, we feel difficult to predict the future enhancement but we can guess it with some ideas and we also may expect the enhancement with this year itself.

AI in DM – Digital Marketing

The importance of AI in digital marketing is fast growing and very exponential. 

Email Marketing

  • Many of the websites provide AI especially for email marketing more companies adopt chatbots for customer interaction. 
  • Due to customers past actions, we can send them personalized emails. So, it creates personal interaction between client and brand.
  • By using the Phrases tool we can optimise email personalization and target audience. It will be sent the right message to the right client at right time.

CRM – Customer Relationship Management

  • For all businesses, Customer Relationship Management CRM is a must to sustain for more time in the marketplace. 
  • By these, we can understand the client need, based upon that we can enhance our business.
  • Big data provide personalized data’s and it will be used for sending personalized marketing and remarketing messages. These data can get from different platforms but it will gain insights exactly.

For Eg

When marketers can know about users behaviour like kind of products, browsing category, browsing time, age, location and which site or app used for shopping, payments etc. 

Then we can easily understand the user’s behaviour and we have to adapt the AI to boost it back conversion as a sales.

AR and VR in AI

  • When AI is mingled with augmented reality AR and Virtual Reality VR then it will surely bring a unique user experience. 
  • Because most of the retail brands are used AR and VR and it can create a bridge between the digital and physical world’s. 
  • Instead of searching in words, people are moved to voice search. So the business people also enhance their business growth with the help of SEO and Content Marketing Strategy. Our world is moved with digital technology so they need hand free way of data input while moving itself. 
  • 75% of customers are using voice search to find the information and it also breaks the qualifications even though less educated people can get the information from their language also. 
  • Most of the customers are searching daily to find the local business through voice search. 
  • This voice search is worked based upon machine learning algorithms. And it also gives a comfortable feel to customers specifically in mobile applications.

For Eg

It’s like speaking to a text conversion program. And it is quite famous in the 90’s period.


  • In future, chatbots become standard for all websites. It will suitable for all sorts of applications and it deals with customer enquiry services then it will redirect to traffic when customers are happy to use chatbots. 
  • And they feel very comfortable while talking with Alexa, Siri. Because it will obey our instructions. 
  • Chatbots are very sophisticated and we can’t easily find whether it is a real human or robot. Most of the customers are don’t know that they are talking with AI tools. 
  • Bots are created with their language, due to this Facebook is forced to abandon the experimental chatbot project. 
  • Many companies are invested their time and interest in developing chatbot technology so we can get more updates this year.

Digital Ad campaigns

  • Digital advertisement success is done due to AI technology.  
  • Most of the social media platforms like Instagram, Google ads, YouTube, Facebook etc are provide a better user experience. 
  • Because they analyse user information like interest, need-based upon that they show relevant ads and it will not only improve the ad campaigns, it will also improve the sales because of this Remarketing. 
  • When we see the needed product continuously in all your working apps and sites at one stage we can automatically click the buy now button to buy the product. This is basic human psychology.

Everything is interrelated and their main aim is to achieve customer satisfaction, brand establishment and also Return of Investment ROI.

Due to advanced technology, the Google algorithm understand human speech with 99% accuracy. It is equal to understanding the speech of a normal human.

List of brands using AI in DI – Digital marketing

Most of the apps and sites are used Artificial intelligence technology to create a big impact and try to be a trendsetter as well as enhance their business with customer satisfaction. A list of some of the businesses is provided below.

Google Rank brain Algorithm

Google is a famous search engine that can be used by all types of users. If we started to use this search engine we can easily get what we are searching for.

So we are impressed with this search engine. It’s all based upon the interaction between AI  and user. The rank brain is an AI-powered marketing tool.

By these rank brain algorithms, it gives you autosuggestions based upon the client search and behaviour and they can give what we are trying to search in auto-suggestions before we even type also.


Albert technologies work with AI digital marketers to make solutions for brands and agencies. This sort of will help in all social media channels like Google Ads, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, as well as Gmail also. It executes the ad campaign still delivers the insights.


Lenskart is an Indian based company that allows customers to upload three different angles of images. After uploading images, we can pick the glasses by wearing them virtually and then we can select what we like the most. And it is also delivered to our home directly. This is a very useful and convenient option, especially in this pandemic situation.


The Swedish Giant IKEA is a furniture company and they use AI-powered technology to choose the furniture whether it is fit to home or not. And also we can decide whether the Colour combination, furniture size is ok or not. These are all we can do before we buy the product. If we like it means, we can directly buy it from the app. 


It is a very popular digital marketing tool, to plan our strategies of content based upon SEO.  The AI-powered tool can be used to scan our website automatically then it can suggest what are topics should include in the website. So it can provide suggestions for all kinds of relevant content.


This app is used for grammar correction. After writing the content, using of Grammarly app we can rectify our content from our content. Because it can save our time and it also predicts the text, spelling mistakes and grammatical errors. It is very useful in official documents and emails. 

AI’s Role in DM – Digital Marketing

There are lots and lots of advantages while using artificial intelligence in Digital marketing. Some of them are listed below.

Client Satisfaction

For best customer service, apps and sites are followed to use chatbots in their application. It will be very useful to give a response to the client at any time.

Most of the client’s queries are replied in any time. AI chatbots are replied like humans, but hey it will not rest like a human. It can operate 24/7. So it will be more to help to enhance the user experience.

Better advertising and Build the brand strategy

We are already known about big data. It is the very big one. That is collection of data increasing at an exponential rate means many more devices are plugged into this internet network for every single minute.

With this large amount of data, we can able to reach the right audience with the help of AI. Because it can predict the future behaviour of customers. So the brand’s can establish them in the way of ads based upon this information. 

Increase Sales and Return of Investment ROI

When we reach the right audience then it will increase our sales. When sales increases then the investment also get its return. By using this AI technology, most of the conversation is directly converted into sales.


When we can know the interest of the customers in a product or service but there is some dilemma to buy that for that purpose we are using this Remarketing Campaigns.

We can continuously display ads, send offer messages, offer emails and made them buy the product or service.

Time-based pricing

A service or product pricing is purely based upon time. Like, if you visit e-commerce sites like Amazon, Flipkart etc we can notice there will be changed pricing based upon our buying interest.

These are all done based upon a history of our cookies to understand the socioeconomic status and align the price according to that. These things are also done by the use of AI technology.

Prospective of AI in DM – Digital Marketing

In this digital world, the growth of artificial intelligence is not scalable. AR and VR are present everywhere but they will stick with some novelty. These have some drawbacks when we use in practical application and it is also very comfortable for entertainment one. 

This artificial intelligence technology can be used in the banking, transportation and medical sectors also. Many companies are working on this technology to become a more powerful part of the technology.

For Eg

For better understanding, think about enthiran Tamil film who was acted by famous superstar Mr Rajinikanth and Mrs Aishwarya Rai. In that film, there is a chitti Robo character in the first half that robot doesn’t have any feelings while at discovering stage. And it causes major drawback also.

For that purpose, the scientist Rajinikanth has worked and also get succeeded in that. In these, scientists implement the sixth sense feel to that robot.

By these, many companies are also investing their money and time to working out together to solve all the drawback and soon we can expect a big succeed over that especially in this year.


In this technology world, we have to be very updated because trends have updated every second. When it comes to digital marketing, we have to update ourselves every minute then only we can go beyond them and become a trendsetter.

“Changes never be Changing” So keep reading yourself. Spend yourself time to know more about technologies and their development. Because digital marketing is like a God in this pandemic situation and it will be present anywhere and everywhere.

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