Are hashtags still working on social media?

Hashtags are an excellent method to boost views, likes, and shares when advertising your brand on social media. The hashtag, originally known as the pound symbol (#), is a means of attracting a captive audience to your content.

Hashtags were first popular on Twitter, but they’ve now spread to Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and TikTok, among other social networking platforms. 

Mastering the hashtag gives you a reliable way to engage your audience and increase your social impact for no cost other than the time it takes to do some research and stay on top of trends. When hashtags are used appropriately, they assist people interested in the issue and find and extend followers and influencers.

What is Hashtag?

A hashtag is a word or keyword that starts with the pound sign (#).

A hashtag refers to a specific category or topic based on the social media algorithm.

Hashtags help the content to be provided to the right users.

The three main things to know about hashtags are

  1. Please find the best hashtag that must be related to their business or brand.
  2. Using popular and trending hashtags is the right approach for the current scenario.
  3. Tactics of Using hashtags for all social media platforms

Basics of Hashtags

  • Use pound symbols at the start, and avoid special characters and spaces while writing hashtags.
  • Our social media account must be public, and then it can be shown to all users who are not following also.
  • Use short and mid-term words as a hashtag. Try to avoid adding too many words to the hashtag. It must be easy to remember.
  • Use hashtags that are relevant and specific. It will be challenging to find if it is too obscure, and it will be unlikely to be used by other social media users.
  • Use a limited number of hashtags. More hashtags appear to be spammy.

How does Social Media Hashtag work?

While it may appear that putting a hashtag at the beginning of a statement is simple, there is some extra information to be aware of when seeking to be discovered using hashtags.

When implemented effectively, they may significantly impact your social media strategy. Here are some broad guidelines:

  • Not to go overboard with hashtags every couple of words. Depending on the platform, you can use a different amount of hashtags. In most cases, though, one to three hashtags can have a more significant impact than a large number of them.
  • Keep hashtags brief and memorable rather than attempting to pack a lot of words into one tag.
  • Not to try to come up with too brilliant or cryptic hashtags. It won’t help marketing if you choose a tag that no one will look for because you won’t find it.
  • Use specific and specialized hashtags rather than broad and generic hashtags to get better results. General terms are unlikely to be searched, so your content will get lost in a sea of irrelevant data if you use them.
  • It’s not necessary to squeeze hashtags into every single piece of material. Instead, use them when they provide value and are likely to inspire conversation and involvement.
  • Hashtags can be infused to study your competition and attract target audience members. We can find relevant articles relating to the topic by searching using hashtags.

What are the Benefits of Hashtags?

Hashtags are helpful on social media because they assist users in finding the content they’re looking for. Using relevant hashtags increases content visibility and helps drive people to it, resulting in more views, likes, and shares. Finding the correct ones that complement the range and appeal to users is the key.

Some methods for locating the best hashtags

We will need to research to locate hashtags relevant to business, industry, and target audience.

Keep monitoring competitors and social media influencers.
  • Start with conducting a social media competitive analysis. 
  • Gather information on the competition and any critical influencers in the niche.
  • Keep track of the most used hashtags and monitor how many hashtags are used in each post. 
  • It will allow them to see how competitors interact with the same target audience and which keywords they use frequently.
Make use of Hashtagify. me.
  • is one of the best websites that assists you in finding the ideal Twitter hashtags and Instagram hashtags for your business.
  • May use this tool to search up any hashtag and see how popular it is.
  • For example, if we search for the popularity of #summers, we’ll get results that indicate the hashtag’s overall popularity, recent popularity, and monthly and weekly trends.
  • It may also type in a caption for Twitter or Instagram. Then it will recommend hashtags to use.
Find out the currently trending hashtags.
  • RiteTag allows them to put social media captions in the text area and then upload the photo that will go with it.
  • Based on the content, RiteTag offers hot hashtag ideas. 
  • We’ll find the finest hashtags for getting your post noticed right away and hashtags that can help your article gain visibility over time. 
  • For a complete examination of the hashtags displayed, click Get Report.
Invest in a social media monitoring tool.
  • Using a service like Hootsuite, the company may search streams to determine which hashtags are appropriate for each social network. 
  • Search streams allow us to determine which hashtags are the most popular and effective quickly.
Look for hashtags that are related to the topic.
  • Consider utilizing relevant hashtags if we already know which hashtags are working well for business. These hashtags maybe a touch more particular than the popular hashtags we’re already using, allowing us to connect with a more focused audience.
  • When in the Explore area of Instagram, the relevant hashtags appear just above the Top and Recent buttons.
  • After clicking on a hashtag on LinkedIn, we can get more hashtag recommendations. After selecting the ellipsis, select the Discover more hashtags buttons.
Examine which hashtags were successful and effective in previous posts.
  • Keep a list of the hashtags we’ve used in previous postings. Examine which posts have received the most attention, then look for a pattern in our hashtags.
  • Make it a point to incorporate the same hashtags in future articles if we see that a handful of the most popular posts constantly utilize the same hashtags.

How do Hashtags work?

When we use hashtags on social media, we’re telling a follower or user and an algorithm that the material is on a specific subject or category. Finally, it allows customers to search for relevant content across platforms, allowing the work to be found by a particular niche or target demographic.

How do #hashtags work? | Indianapolis Web Design

On Twitter, How to Use Hashtags

  • If we use relevant hashtags on Twitter, we can boost engagement if we don’t go crazy. 
  • One or two hashtags should be enough, according to the tweet. When we utilize a few hashtags and expressly ask followers to retweet, we can further increase interaction.
  • When we use hashtags on Twitter, people will be able to find the post when they search for a tag. 
  • It can also assist in locating conversations in which we can participate. 
  • Hot hashtags prefer for even more influenced.
  • Check out this collection of Twitter hashtag research tools, including Twitonomy, to analyze Twitter trends.

On Facebook, How to Use Hashtags

  • Hashtags can help you get more people to see your Facebook posts since they boost organic reach. 
  • It’s vital not to use too many hashtags on Facebook. It’s usually best to limit ourselves to one or two. 
  • More beyond that will make you appear unprofessional and may irritate the people who read your posts.
  • Hashtags can help you get more people to see your Facebook posts since they boost organic reach.
  • It’s also worth going back and repeating best-performing Facebook posts using relevant hashtags. 
  • It not only recycles popular materials from the past, but it also can attract new followers who are looking for items or services.

On LinkedIn, How to Use Hashtag

  • People haven’t always used hashtags on LinkedIn, but they work the same way on any other network. 
  • LinkedIn currently does not allow clickable hashtags in the body of articles; we’ll have to utilize hashtags in the body of the post to have the content noticed.
  • For LinkedIn, one to three hashtags are usually advised. Then can use the add button under Hashtags to add these.
  • On LinkedIn, hashtags might help get the postings in front of people who aren’t in the network. 
  • Let’s say we have 1000 LinkedIn connections. If we don’t use a hashtag, content is limited to that network. However, if we include a hashtag like #digitalmarketing, we can potentially treble the number of people who view messages, increasing engagement and trustworthiness.

On Instagram, How to Use Hashtag

  • On Instagram hashtags can help reach a wider audience and enhance engagement. 
  • To reach the largest audience possible, feel free to use up to 10 or 11 relevant and popular hashtags for Instagram Stories.
  • On Instagram, we can use up to 30 hashtags in a single post. 
  • Although we usually won’t need that many, it’s essential to know that more is permitted here so we can play about it.
  • Use the search bar to check what hashtags influencers or competitors use to engage on Instagram. 
  • Try a range of hashtags and use them on posts, photographs, and comments because this is the ideal platform for multiple hashtags.

On Pinterest, How to Use Hashtag

  • Hashtags are an excellent technique to help people find the content on Pinterest using keywords. 
  • Posts with hashtags are also sorted by date, so the most recent content appears first; this is useful for new stuff that needs to be viewed immediately.
  • Use one or two hashtags related to the subject. Broad terms are unlikely to be helpful on this platform. 
  • If we’re using Pinterest for Business, employ unique or specialized hashtags for a topic.

On YouTube, How to Use Hashtag

  • Use a few hashtags in the title or description of a brand’s YouTube video.
  • To see a feed of other videos that use the same hashtag, click on the hyperlinked hashtag.
  • Use a maximum of 15 hashtags. Because of spamming behavior, YouTube will ignore all hashtags and might flag material.
  • Hashtags on YouTube aren’t the only way for people to find the videos. We’ve put together a list of 12 tactics that will assist the brand’s videos to gain popularity.
  • Hashtags are hyperlinked in titles and descriptions so that followers can click on either to locate other material with the same hashtags.
  • If you don’t include hashtags in the title, the first three hashtags in the description will appear above the video’s title.

Best way to Plan a Hashtag Campaign

How Do Hashtags Work on Social Media? – VZ Creatives
  • When feasible, utilize specific hashtags since the more precise they can be, the more likely they will attract a particular audience. 
  • Although not required, capital letters at the start of each word help explain what we’re trying to express.
  • Hashtags are almost certainly already being used by competitors in their social media strategy.  
  • Please pay attention to how often they use hashtags and react to them.
  • There are no hard and fast rules regarding which hashtags to use or how to approach a plan. 
  • Knowing the audience and spending time familiarizing yourself with what works on each platform are the foundations of a successful hashtag campaign. 
  • Furthermore, by including hashtags in social media strategy and monitoring results, it will continue to learn what works and what doesn’t.
  • Hashtags are an excellent way to communicate with followers, increase engagement, and attract new consumers.


  • Hashtags are generally a key or providing a way to reach our content to the right target audience. 
  • We are starting with a strong foundation. It’s critical to begin testing hashtags and diving into stats once we’ve identified the ones we want to use.
  • The most straightforward approach to track the success of tests is to analyze the performance of hashtags, which will help to fine-tune strategy over time.
  • Hashtags are a practical approach to reaching new audiences and expanding your account, but significant results take time and work.

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