Google Hummingbird update

How Google Search is changed after the Google Hummingbird update

Google algorithm continuously updates to give better user satisfaction. Google Hummingbird updated its algorithm that anticipated the need for better usability of mobile devices, and it will be helpful to provide conversational search. Hummingbird algorithm entirely gives the best-advanced search to the users. And it will never give great details about the hummingbird algorithm. Now we try to explain what it was Google Hummingbird update and how it creates an impact on ...

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10 Main causes of Google is not indexing Website

Google is one of the most used Search engines, especially in India. Due to this pandemic situation, every business must enter into this digital world to avoid a huge loss. In these past 3years, it will been tremendous growth for digital marketing. And it will not stop along with this.How we are going to push our business online? Simple. Just create a website, post product or service photos and videos on ...

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