We are Four Phoenix

About Us

Four Phoneix is one of Chennai's leading digital marketing firms. Our journey began in September of 2021. We've had good number of clients since then, and we've helped them create their web presence.

We have a small but dedicated team with years of expertise and certification as digital marketing professionals.

We believe in Data-Driven Digital Marketing and follow a stringent White-Hat Techniques and Anti-Spam Policy.

Our Goals

To establish ourselves as a global leader in digital marketing. To help small businesses identify easy, effective, and cost-effective marketing methods and techniques. To assist firms with brand development and other digital marketing services.

Our Purpose

Our objective is to assist all businesses by enhancing their global web presence. Your business will be out of business if it is not on the internet in today's digital age. We're here to change the game for all small, medium, and large businesses by exposing them to a global audience.

Our Mission Statement

"If we can do it for us, we can do it for you too," we say as the leading digital marketing firm in Chennai. If we were able to achieve success in digital marketing and rank first in SERPs, we can do the same for you and assist you with your company's online success.

Why the name "Four Phoenix"?

Four Phoenix assists its clients in outranking their competition in the digital race.

Our logo features a phoenix bird, which signifies that we will begin and complete our work, even if we are completely destroyed.

Our courage and determination enable us to accomplish this in a more effective manner.

Starting a new beginning is a common occurrence, but raising and winning new things is like floating through the air without any restrictions.

The bird will reflect how we give our services to help our customers' brands be spread around the world.

Four Phoenix is a corporation that specialises in digital marketing. We intend to give good traffic to small and medium-sized businesses at a fair cost. This allows people from all walks of life to enter the digital world. They also achieve their target audience's minimum reach. Because the entire world is becoming increasingly digital. Many small and medium businesses have suffered greatly as a result of the outbreak. They can only survey as little as they thought in this digital environment. The majority of products are judged not just on their quality, but also on where they are purchased. We can't haggle for a goods in a large showroom. However, we negotiate for small items in roadside shops as well. The roadside shopper must give their product in exchange for a return of investment rather than a profit. As a result, they lost not only their profit but also their courage at that time. Do you believe that the large showroom product cost includes more than just the goods? No, I don't believe so. They had to assess the costs of building rent, maintenance, décor, and air conditioning, among other things, before deciding on the product price because they had already established their brand with the public. As a result, customers began to trust them before purchasing the product. Our services are designed to instil trustworthiness in all types of businesspeople. As a result, your company's brand is well-known among our target demographic.

What prompted the formation of Four Phoneix?

Mrs. S. Nivetha Parthiban, our founder

After finishing a B Tech IT degree, I began working as an IT recruiter. Communication is the main issue to survey in that industry at the beginning stage. On one particularly lovely occasion, the people on the opposite side do not speak Tamil and must converse in English. At that point, I realised that English is not a skill, but rather a means of communicating our views. Following that, there is a significant career pause due to personal reasons such as marriage or the birth of a child. Then you wish to re-enter the workforce. However, no corporate company is willing to hire a career-break mother, who will only have a chance in startup enterprises. While you're on break, learn more about digital marketing to pique your curiosity. It will also lead to the creation of a Fita Academy certification in Advanced Digital Marketing.

Following that, they began working as unpaid interns and received practical training. Finally, it leads to the establishment of one's own business. Because many homemakers are educated and brilliant, raising children is the sole reason for them to abandon their careers. As a result, we must train them freely and allow them to work independently. No one owns anything in this world; everyone is on an equal footing. We've been put together to work on a single project. The portion will be allocated according to project estimates. Money isn't vital, but it will give us bravery, self-assurance, and help us shine our personalities.

Trust the women who know that due of their family situation, they are unable to overcome, that you should take your time and choose your career from the comfort of your own house.

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